Meat Price in Mumbai

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Today's Meat Price in Mumbai

Meat Name Meat Price Quantity
Beef Rs. 200.00 Kilogram
Chicken Rs. 160.00 Kilogram
Mutton Rs. 520.00 Kilogram
Pork Rs. 350.00 Kilogram

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Meat News Mumbai

Cold plasma preserves raw chicken

Researchers have found by a study that the use of cold plasma may preserve raw chicken by killing the pathogens which are alive in the uncooked poultry. Foodborne diseases and illness outbreak have become com...

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Selling of meat illegally in Pilibhit

Following the closure of the slaughter houses in Pilibhit due to the absence of basic ammenities for proper disposal of the waste. The officials found the absence of refrigeration to safeguard the meat and the slaughterh...

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